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Avatar Market

Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 10.12.45.png

Leave all user support to us.

Our market supports all user inquiries.

We will provide the service so that creators can concentrate on creating avatars.

Automatic avatar upload.

Avatar will be uploaded to VRChat in 24h if customer buy.

Everyone, even if cannot use Unity, are able to wear favorite avatars online world.

Sell to all over the world.

We will reach VR users around the world, U.S., Europe, Asia.....

Furthermore, we will support every language gradually. 

Limited invitation

For beta users, you can sell avatars with "no commission" (for a limited time only).

Creator pre-registration

This is a pre-registration form for a limited time beta version.

Don't forget to enter your invitation code.

Thank you for submiting! We will announce when new infomation will be released!

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